Merry… Thanksgiving?: November Update

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Is it too early to start listening to Christmas music? If you walk into my classroom today the answer will be a resounding no. When people complain about it being ‘too early’ or state the obvious that “its not even Thanksgiving yet,” I ask them to play me some Thanksgiving music from the Thanksgiving music genre. They can’t. So I turn the volume up to drown out their judgement.

I love everything about this time of year – even when the Texas climate doesn’t want to cooperate with the spirit of the season.

Besides looking forward to our reflection the coming of Christ during Advent, the gathering of family and friends, gift exchanging, and good food, I also look forward to the time off from football and the subsequent amount of time I can spend with my wife – and of course writing .

So here are some announcements, things in the works, and ideas moving into the holiday months.

To see these exclusive updates, ideas, and a preview of why I got ejected from coaching the rest of my football game, become a Patron today!

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