Rest Is For The Weak

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Are you about to skim reading this? Are you constantly moving around, finding it difficult or impossible to stop? Have you somehow transcended productivity– always moving on to the next task?

Being good managers of our time is great. Completing all of our tasks feels good. We were created to create.

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But if we feel like we cannot sit still, it may be an indicator of a deficiency – a deficiency of rest. More indicators include constantly checking our phones, always trying to get ahead of our next tasks, or trying to fill spaces in our schedules with gaining knowledge. Without these things we begin feeling as if we’re not good enough.

Our faith is not immune to this deficiency. We become religious busybodies. We try knowing more or fitting in certain groups. You may notice you’re constantly trying to read the latest books or listen to the latest podcasts. Soon we feel lesser-than because we didn’t get all the way through a morning devotional.

We need a cure for our deficiency. But first we need to realize and accept that we are weak.

Rest is for the weak. For that reason, there’s never been a strong Christian. You can only be a Christian if you’re weak enough. Christ’s power is made perfect in weakness. And his grace is sufficient for us (2 Corinthians 12:9) – not just the religious parts of our hearts, but the whole of our hearts.

Whatever we complete or leave unfinished cannot define us. We are not what we do. We are who God has called us to be: a loved and accepted people who do not have to work for a father’s acceptance. We are already accepted and adopted because of the righteousness of Jesus who our faith is in (Romans 8:14–17).

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