Prayers For a Writer Coming Off His High

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I heard the speaker in our coaches in-service yesterday mention that writing activates a different part of the brain. I heard this before and without seeing the data, I don't doubt its truthfulness.

This summer I have been blessed to let my heart overflow with words. I set out back in May to write and publish something every weekday, and God has been faithful and gracious to allow me to do this. I learned, accomplished, and developed much as a writer through the process.

Some of the highlights of my journey this summer include:

As I look back on The Lord's faithfulness, I understand seasons. Though I know there are seasons, I don't always like for them to end. I've enjoyed this season of writing on a weekday basis, but unfortunately I must get back to what pays our bills – coaching high school football.

I confess, I like football, but I love writing. I don't want this season of writing to end. So my stubbornness for wanting stay in this season can sometimes harden my heart if I'm not careful. I quickly trying to gain control of the other parts of my life: self-acceptance, self-reliance, adequacy at home and work, needing respect to feel wanted, etc.

Pray For Me

With the temptation to harden my heart towards God and others, please pray for me as the seasons change.

Pray that I will know God and my wife in deeper and more intimate ways than ever before.

Pray that I will not find my worth in my accomplishments – coaching, teaching, or writing – but in Christ's accomplishment.

Pray that I find identity, not in the wins and losses of my team nor in the amount of content I can continue to create, but in being a son and an heir of the Father.

Pray that I will someday be able to write part- or full-time one day.

Pray that God will be glorified in my marriage, in my work, and in my writing when he grants me the time to do so.

Thank You

For all who have journeyed with me this summer, I am grateful for your readership and do not take it lightly. I take seriously the form of writing in any capacity. I do it by the volition of God for your good. Thank you for being a part of my joy.

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Until next time.

–Timothy T.

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