What I’m Listening To, 7/28

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Titles are links.

Anniversary, Tony, Toni, Tone – Single

First up is an R&B classic. My wife and I celebrated our fourth year of marriage yesterday. We play this song every year.

Is God Anti-Gay?, Sam Allberry via ERLC – Podcast

Sam Allberry, a Christian who struggles with same-sex attraction, offers a gospel-centric approach to answering this question.

Pages of Life, Fred Hammond

I went back to the vault and found this – and many more of Fred’s albums. I didn’t appreciate how God and gospel-centered his albums were.

Honest 2 God, Andy Mineo

It’s a gift for artists to be transparent and resonate with their listeners. Andy lays it all out and his discouragement was my encouragement this week. A reminder of our finite humanness.

Still Jesus, Shai Linne

This album caused quite a stir and some controversy in the Christian Hip Hop community last week. In it, Shai calls out some of the more known artists who are Christians doing music in the industry. He offered his explanation and says he has no beef, but others aren’t buying it. Check out the album and tell me what you think.

The Life of Fannie Lou Hamer, Pass The Mic – Podcast

Jemar Tisby spoke at the annual Legacy Conference in Chicago and teaches about the interconnection between Christian faith, justice, and the Civil Rights Movement.

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