We Are Married

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“And he said to him, “Friend how did you get in here without a wedding garment? And he was speechless.” –Matthew 22:12

God has called us his own. He actually takes ownership of us. He clothes us in his righteousness and makes us beautiful, like a beautiful bride. This may not strike us as a big deal – but the heart that knows it has been saved is elated at the reminder that God calls us his own.

We are not saved because of status, goodness, or works – for all of it is as filthy rags in the presence of God. Instead we are saved because God in his love chose us based on the righteousness of Jesus.

So we need the Holy Spirit to help us fight against entitlement as if anything we have done or obtained is by the work of our hands. We need help to see every good gift as a gift from the Father of lights (James 1:17) – like the strength to work and earn money, or the intellect and skill to create culture.

Before the day runs its course, let’s excite our hearts to celebrate the marriage between Christ and his church and the fact that we’ve been chosen by God.

Truths like these will help strengthen us to love, cherish, pursue, and fight for our loved ones and neighbors. We will better see the need to have compassion on them when we’re regularly reflecting the compassion shown towards us from God our Father through Jesus Christ.

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