What I’m Listening To: 7/12

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There’s a lot of variety in this week’s What I’m Listening To. Excited to hopefully introduce you to something new and/or thought provoking.

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Modern Plagues, The Whistles and The Bells Album

My friend Collin Day recommended this album to me. The content is awesome and it is evident the album has been well thought-out. My favorite tracks are Zombie Hearts and Supadope. I love music that can make me think and nod my head at the same time. Modern Plagues accomplishes this in their album.

Dunk Contest, Magic Bird Single

Andy Mineo (Bird) and Wordsplayed (Magic) are getting us ready for some summer sizzle. Another banger for us to roll our windows down to, with the homies or the kids in the backseat.

The Beauty of Diversity, Jackie Hill-Perry & ERLC Podcast

An in-your-face theological talk about being pro-life – not just in and out of the womb – but also in the diversity of culture. Jackie does not shy away from addressing the comforts and biases we have. She argues we show it in our lack of celebrating other cultures.

Never Too Late, 1K Phew Mixtape

You might remember this name from Lecrae’s single Hammer Time (if you’re keeping up). If you’ve never listened to “trap music” this might be new to you, but try listening through. This was something a little refreshing for me.

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