Glory For Today

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We are glory-seekers. And if we’re honest, we want to attach meaning and purpose for everything about today to our glory. Our minds are consumed with our glory instead of God’s.

We desire to cement our names in history and infamy by garnering praise from people and building a fan base. This leads to a path of all kinds of idol worship: from bowing down to Facebook to obsessing over how people see us.

Thankfully, God did not create us for such empty purposes. We were not created to worship nor pursue the vain praises of men. God created us for the purpose of existing for his glory.

Any magnification of our ministries is to point others to God and his son in hopes that some may be saved (Romans 11:13–14). We were created to fear God and encourage others to remain in him (Romans 11:20). We are instruments of God’s mercy (Matthew 6:12; Romans 11:32).

Because we are instruments of God’s mercy, we can receive his gifts in their various forms. We receive them knowing that they are all from him and through him and to him, for the purpose of his glory – even our suffering (Romans 11:35–36; 8:17).

We were created for glory. We obtain that glory by being in God’s glory – submitting our bodies as living sacrifices to God (Romans 12:1). The Holy Spirit will help keep us from conforming to lesser glories. Our minds are transformed to seek and obtain this better glory when we are renewing our minds by the word of God (Romans 12:2).

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