What You Missed This Week

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In case you missed it, here’s what was on the blog this week.


Why I’m Not Proud To Be An American

– “America is a blessing. Which is why I’m not proud to be an American.”

– “I need God more than I need to be an American. My dependence on him enhances my purpose as an American.

Couples Travel Better Together

– “Fortunately, we’re not abandoned to figure out how to travel (well) with a spouse. Though there isn’t a manual written about our significant other, the gospel is the perfect manual for how to travel with the one you love.”

Gospel Reminders

Compare Yourself To Perfection

– If we stand next to a pastor, or seasoned believer and condemn ourselves thinking that we are “not as good as them”, we measure by a faulty standard of righteousness.”

We Can

– “We can seek our reward and treasure in the father and his son, asking the Holy Spirit to help us in our quest.”

Problems With Feeling God

– “Does giving thanks to The Lord seem hard to do? Is The Lord elevated in your desires? Is your soul filled with gratitude for the steadfast and endless love of God? Our problems with feeling rightly about God and his love may be because we are trying to feel by our own volition.”

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