What I’m Listening To, 7/7/17

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One song in this week’s shortlist of What I’m Listening To definitely contains some strong language. Please screen before you play in front of an immature or sensitive audience.

Episode 8 (Season Finale), Red Couch Podcast

In this podcast season finale Propaganda and Dr. Alma discuss some of the previous week’s headlines. One segment definitely worth taking a listen to is Dr. Alma’s “Word of the Day” portion towards the end of the podcast. They discuss the idea of “reverse racism.”

The Beauty Between, King’s Kaleidoscope featuring Andy Mineo

King’s always drops gems whenever they drop anything. This single was a surprise because it featured a favorite artist of mine – Andy Mineo.

I Hate Cats, Propaganda

Propaganda spits a spoken word about his hatred for “cats.”

The Story of O.J., Jay-Z

This is a cartoon music video with explicit language, but much of the language helps get his point across. Worth taking a watch/listen to as it is thought-provoking, whether you’ll agree or disagree.

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