How can you be part of this?….Part 4

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“Missions exist because true worship doesn’t.” I’m excited to help support a friend (Faith) who is desiring to take the gospel to refugees in word, deed, and love. Not everyone can go, but almost all of us can support. Find out how here.

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Since this is a non-paying “job”,  I am support raising to help pay for anticipated expenses so  that I can go and do this.

I am not sure of the exact amount of money I should raise but these are the following predicted items that money will need to be raised for:

Round Trip Air Fare- between $800-$1200

Hospitality (this is not a requirement, but simply something I would like to bring. The refugees are from countries where hospitality is a BIG thing, and I would like to help partner in that with this family in serving refugees in this way.)

-Housing-This will be about $1,100 for the 3 months I am there. This would over my room, water and recycle expenses.

Miscellaneous: Food, City transportation (trains, buses, etc.), other miscellaneous includes toothpaste, shampoo, etc.

Insurance: For 3 months would be $533.00, 4 months is…

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