Return and See

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We desperately need our hearts mesmerized by the beauty of God. Our hearts are prone to wander. We need God to be our exceeding joy. He enjoys filling our delights with himself. As we continually return and gaze at his wonders in all the earth our delights will be fed.

Just as much as we need our hearts mesmerized by God’s beauty, we need his word to illuminate our sin. We need to see our sin for what it is – rebellion against God. As we see this, he will allow us to experience his truth and light for what it is – forgiving grace. And then our hearts grow more delighted in him.

When seeing our sin contrasted with God’s faithfulness and forgiveness, we confidently say to our souls, “Look not at your sin with indifference. Tremble at it, only to be shaken all the more at the grandeur of God and his mercy. Get your eyes on the faithful one who has redeemed you through his son.”

Psalm 43:3–5

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