Morning’s First Requirement

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The first thing on my mind when I woke up was snoozing my alarm. Then I checked to make sure I did not over-sleep, followed by a check of missed calls/messages from wifey, family, and friends.

Then I ran through the gamut of tasks for the day: make coffee, Bible study, write, plan, tweet, post, schedule – all before I stepped out of bed.

What was I worshipping as my greatest needs in those moments?:

  • Rest and comfort as I snoozed
  • Self-seeking affirmation from others for communicating well
  • Self-seeking affirmation from others for my promptness
  • Hope in my routines
  • Security in my job

“Espresso beans and emails are an absurd misrepresentation of a savior, but that’s exactly what I make of (Jesus):

A quick mood booster and an optional communication tool I can choose to ignore or reply to – if I have the time”

How does the gospel tether me to a better hope than the gravitational pull of sin?

  • Instead of finding rest and comfort in extra sleep, God calls me to a greater rest and a grander purpose for the day. I am invited to get to know more of him and he delights to show himself to me (Psalm 62:7–8).
  • Whether I am praised or dismissed for poor communication skills, the communication I need most is God speaking to me through his word (Psalm 85:8; Romans 10:17).
  • God already affirmed me as his son before I was on time or late to my next appointment (Romans 8:29–30).
  • My routines are small in comparison to the way God was maintaining the universe by the power of his word while I was sleep (Hebrews 1:3).
  • My greatest security is already obtained. I have been saved from my sin and the depths of hell by the power of God for salvation – the gospel of Jesus Christ (Romans 1:16; Philippians 1:6).

My greatest need every morning is the hope of the gospel.

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