What I’m Listening To: 6/23

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I’m on vacation this week, so this week’s list is a little bit shorter.

Fingerprints, Eli Young Band

During the summer, I like to listen to a little country music. It has a chill vibe, tells great stories, and pulls on my Texas roots. Texas natives in the Eli Young Band pull all those together beautifully in their newest album Fingerprints.

Young T, Ty Brasel

I’ve been following this kid for a few years now and got an opportunity to meet him last summer backstage after KB’s Tempo Tour. One thing Ty always brings to his music is authenticity. It’s not just his words that are down to earth, but the feel of his music also. I’d encourage you to go check out his previous two projects before you listen to Young T. Feel the vibe.

Episode 6, Red Couch Podcast

This is my second time mentioning this podcast, and I know it won’t be my last. Propaganda and Dr. Alma have relevant unapologetic voices for the culture and challenge “mainstream” culture in this week’s episode.

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