Is It So Hard To Love?

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It is hard to worship God and follow his commandments. Why? Because our hearts are not delighting in him. We fail to delight in him because we do not love him as he loves us.

We obey what, or who, excites our hearts – even if what is commanded is hard or undesired. We are not excited by God because we are not remembering the gospel.

When reading, remembering, and saturating in the gospel, our hearts reignite with desire and passion for God. The gospel reminds us of who God is. God is love. And because he first loved us, he arrests our hearts.

This should drives us toward gratefulness – he saved us from our sin and destruction. When we’re grateful we are more compelled to worship. When worshipping him, an eagerness arises in us to obey his commandments. What are his commandments? To love him with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength.

The second commandment is like the first: to love others as ourselves. When our hearts are filled with his love, we are activated to carry out his second greatest commandment. Because God pours out an abundance of grace, we are able to spill his love onto our neighbors purposely.

There will never be a deficiency for us to obey God’s commandment to love him and others. God’s love for us is an eternal avalanche, demonstrated by the sacrifice of his son. It is not hard to obey God’s commandments when our hearts are captivated by the good news found in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Matthew 22:36–40; Romans 5:8; 9:9–10

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