What I’m Listening To: 6/16

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After visiting my grandmother last week, I have been reflecting on some of the conversations we had. While telling me about what she was like as a teenager she told me she had different tastes in music than all her friends. It gave me comfort for my different tastes in music. It’s in my bloodstream as far as I’m concerned.

So this week’s “What I’m Listening To” segment doesn’t feature any Podcasts – just some different sounding albums, EPs, and songs that sound great to my ears.

(Titles are links to albums/songs on Apple Music)

Don’t Kill My Vibe EP, Sigrid

This little twenty year-old Norwegian singer, Sigrid, packs a big punch with her vocals that is smoothed over by the synth-pop in her EP. There are only four songs on , but you can keep it on rotation.

18, Kaleb Mitchell

So a good friend of mine, Skyler, recommended this album to me. I overlooked it and so did he, but after taking a second listen, he recommended I do the same. The album is pretty good, but the flow of this song is what I feel really encapsulates Kaleb as an artist.

Wonder, Hillsong

Hillsong always makes very spacey projects and I feel this one really pushes those limits. My favorite track on the album is Not Today. For how spacey the album is, this song is pretty straightforward and encouraging.

Kidz, Andy Mineo, Wordsplayed & Magic Bird

This is a visual for the track. These guys know how to have fun making music. But don’t sleep on the “fun” – this song straight up bangs. You should turn your treble and bass up in your car and wind the windows down and let this beat down your block.

Memories Do Not Open, The Chainsmokers

I don’t know why but I have been listening to this album while I’ve been writing this week. I don’t even like about 30% of the album, but the vibes have helped my words flow a little better.

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