Daddy Awareness

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All who believe and receive Jesus are more privileged than we are sometimes aware. In Dudley Hall’s straightforward book Orphans No More he lists five aspects of Abba Consciousness. These are big yet simple reminders that grow our awareness about God our Daddy and his relationship with us.


Our greatest need and pleasure is God’s presence – heaven. It is what Hall defines as “the unfiltered presence of divine life,” and “knowing God the Father and the Son he sent.” This is ours now.


God is taking pleasure and delighting in us. He enjoys us as his children. We are glorified in his pleasure as we believe and have faith in Jesus.


In God, we do not have to map out our purpose. We are to glorify Jesus by walking in his commandments and making known his name.


We do not have to worry about needs being met. Hall explains:

“Jesus never worried about provision. One reason that we worry is that we live with our assignments disconnected from our provision. We often think of provision in terms of survival or significance. When we haven’t identified our assignment clearly, provision becomes the goal rather than the means. We find ourselves ‘needing’ things to affirm our success…Then we hoard things for fear that the supply will not always be there.”


We are in the hands of a powerful Father. “We are not walking the tightrope of survival wondering if accidents or terrorists are going to prevail,” according to Hall. We serve a God “who is bigger and stronger than any and all…His promise is sure.” We have a place of protection in the Father and can enjoy it now.

(Unless quoted, these statements are mostly my reflections on Dudley’s work.)


  1. What a great reminder! 🙂 Father’s Day is right around the corner and this holiday can be tough for some, thankful that we can have a sweet, deep relationship with a loving Father who will never leave us! Blessings to you!


    1. Thanks! I know I sometimes forget those who no longer have a father here on earth, but I agree that it is sweet to have a Heavenlh Father who can care for and love us more than any earthly father!


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