Your Greatest Need Today Is Your Grandest Happiness

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Naturally, I find a level of happiness in doing, getting things done, and desiring. But the gospel flips this happiness into a full-blown joy when I am trusting in the Holy Spirit’s doing, when I am resting in what Christ has done, and completely desiring God in all of life.

I often forget, however, that my greatest need today is not completing tasks or Bible studies. It is not being liked on the job, sacrificing for my spouse, memorizing scripture, or working out. It is not eating healthy, drinking enough water, or even breathing.

My greatest need and grandest happiness today is found in the presence of God. He is the sustainer of life and is perfectly orchestrating all things to work for his glory and my greatest good (Acts 17:24, 28; Romans 8:28). Only in him can I serve people with a heart filled with thanksgiving and joy.

God commands us to delight in him by remaining in his presence. But in his steadfast love, he does not just command us to come – he also pursues. He did in the tabernacle with the children of Israel (Exodus 25), he did when he sent his Son Jesus (John 1:14), and he is continually doing so in his people today through the Holy Spirit (John 14: 16, 18; 1 Corinthians 3:16).

Our greatest need today is now our greatest joy by the blood of Jesus (Hebrews 10:19–22). Don’t deny yourself your greatest happiness – the presence of God.

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