What Are Gospel Reminders?

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The gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ’s birth, life, death, and resurrection, the sacrifice for a broken people separated by their sin from God. It is God making the first move toward broken people and redeeming their hearts to be satisfied in Him (Romans 5:8).

The gospel is not something to set aside after conversion. It is the central foundational truth of life. We need to be reminded of the Gospel daily–even hourly (1 Corinthians 15:1–3). Thus, how we use our time is important. We must pay attention to our time. We need to take every thought of every second captive (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Understandably, this can be difficult. Recent technological advancements have enabled us to be productivity kings and queens. And if we are not aware, we will categorize and tuck the Gospel away like a book in a library. It can be another thing in our list of meetings, deadlines, tasks, and countless other duties. Instead of treating the gospel like a book, we cling to it as a map. We are sojourners. We do not bond to this world. We need the gospel to navigate how, where, and to whom we live (2 Corinthians 5:8–11).

So God commands us to remember the gospel. Unfortunately, remembering is not our natural instinct– even after conversion. Fighting to remember is our daily battle. And we are not left to fend for ourselves. God has given us the Holy Spirit. And with his help, we can remember (John 14:26)

Therefore– with the Holy Spirit’s help– I’ll battle with you. I will share Gospel Reminders as consistently as I can that will help stir our affections for God in a big way. Whether you read in the morning, at lunch, the end of your day, or at night before bed, I am confident that drowning your mind in the treasure trove of God’s gospel will shape your life to love Him and others.

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