Let’s Start a Relationship

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Hello, welcome to my official blog. My name is Timothy Thomas, and I consider it a privilege to meet you. Even if we have previously been acquainted, I’m happy you’re here. I am looking forward to sharing my desires, experiences, gifts, relationships, skills, and talents with you.

Why Are We Here?

As I mature, I am continually discovering an overwhelming desire for words. I enjoy reading and writing, rereading and rewriting, journaling and sharing them as much as I can. I am excited to open a new book and unravel its contents. I like writing in greeting cards, replying to emails, and leaving notes to my wife. I love reflecting, discussing, and writing about discovered topics from articles, the Bible, blogs, magazines, and newspapers.

If it were feasible for me to be a writer by vocation, I would be, for the joy of sharing with you. But I understand that the responsibility of marriage makes a career change inconvenient and irresponsible. I count marriage too precious to pressure my wife for the pursuit of pipe dreams. However, should a future opportunity present itself without restraining my bride, I want to be ready and craft my skills as a writer.

This is where we meet.

Relationship Goals

As a teacher, I have more time during summers. I want to use this as a benefit for me and you. I offer you an invitation to build a relationship with me as a blogger.

Before we begin to grow together though, I think we should discuss goals (every relationship should have goals). I want our goal to be for me to write and post something at least three days a week, and for you to grow encouraged, informed, and challenged on many Gospel-centered topics. Likewise, I hope to be encouraged, challenged, and exposed as a writer.

As we begin this journey, I pray our relationship will be mutually edifying. So I invite you to comment, ask questions, give tips, and provide feedback about your agreements and disagreements, and likes and dislikes.

I count your readership a privilege and an honor. I consider it my duty to give you the best content I can. My ultimate hope and purpose is to excite our hearts for the Gospel of God in Jesus Christ.


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